Why Inkjet Printers Are a Better Investment than Laser Printers

When deciding to purchase a printer, you want to bear in mind the intended purpose, frequency of use, features and functionality, and affordability. All things considered, you will find that inkjet printers are more economical than laser printers. Let’s look at why. Pros of the Inkjet Printer When it comes to superior colour print quality […]

Linux Directory Listing

The Best Alternative Linux Distro to Ubuntu

Apart from Ubuntu, there are several other Linux Distribution or operating systems to choose from. Among the list are Elementary Os: Loki, CentOS 7 and Parrot Linux. There are more to choose from, but according to most critics, these three are among the best. Elementary Os: Loki Loki is the latest version of the Elementary […]

Surveillance on Large Monitor

An Introduction to IP Surveillance Cameras

For years, the traditional analog closed circuit television (CCTS) camera was the surveillance tool of choices for homes and businesses. These cameras typically broadcast signals to only a single location where property owners could keep an eye on their buildings. Over the past few years, CCTV has slowly fallen out of favour as IP surveillance […]

Crucial Identifies Potential Savings with DRAM and SSDs in Servers

According to Crucial, storage and RAM make up over half the cost of a typical server build. In an environment where everyone is looking for prudent investment decisions, buying a pre-configured, fully spec’d server may not always be the correct strategy. Crucial propose, that in these scenarios, buying a base server and sourcing the RAM […]

Monitoring Solar Generation and Power Consumption

Around 3.5yrs ago, I wrote an article around monitoring solar generation and household consumption. The equipment used was a CurrentCost EnviR, Bluetooth and a windows virtual machine. Over time, this evolved to a Raspberry Pi 2 and Linux. However, as my CurrentCost EnviR died and the UK company that supported it folded, I was only […]

Evolution of Fitness Applications – From the Humble Pedometer to Today’s Smart Wearables

Technology has evolved and so has smart applications along with it. Applications are being extensively used in every sphere of life – right from your personal life to professional. You can use an application to order food, check if the ambient temperature at your home is perfect before you reach home, and track if you […]