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HTC 10

HTC 10 Android 6.0 Smartphone Reviewed

HTC were renowned for making quality Android handsets and at one time even manufacturing the Google branded Nexus. However, in recent times, they lost popularity as other manufacturers such as Samsung and Sony took the lead. Things started to turn around for the organization when they released the HTC One […]


QNAP TS-251A NAS with USB Quick Access Reviewed

QNAP are always looking at bringing value-add features to the NAS and their newest, the TS-251a is no different. As well as being a NAS (Network Attached Storage), the TS-251a brings DAS (Direct Attached Storage) features to the home user with the introduction of the USB 3.0 QuickAccess port. The […]

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4K UHD Logo

High-end PCs Can’t Support 4K UHD Streaming

You may be surprised that your high-end gaming PC isn’t going to support streaming 4K video sources such as Netflix.  While many of these services – Netflix, Hulu, Vudu and Amazon – have offered 4K streaming, it’s not offered on PCs, which means home theater PC owners must use lower […]

Surveillance Testing Setup

DIY Home Surveillance With Mixed WiFi and PoE Cameras

We recently looked at a simple home surveillance network with the D-Link DCS2330L and the DNR202L. In this article, we look at a slightly more complicated surveillance environment with the inclusion of the DCS4602EV and DGS-1008p Power over Ethernet switch. Storage devices from Synology (NVR216) and QNAP (TS-451+) will also be […]